Third Meeting

The purpose of the third Steering Committee meeting was to reflect on the outcomes from the first Citywide Conversation and to provide input and feedback to work team co-leads on their progress to date.

Reflections on Citywide Conversation Synthesis

  • Purpose: Encourage Committee members to engage with and reflect on the Citywide Conversation synthesis. For those who attended the Citywide Conversation, this provided a good refresher of the event and its outcomes.
  • Activity: Prior to the meeting, we printed selected quotes/excerpts from the Citywide Conversation synthesis, and placed one at each chair before the meeting began. During this activity, Committee members were asked to read their quote/excerpt and then turn to a partner and take turns sharing their thoughts and reflections on their quote/excerpt. After this, a few volunteers were asked to share a highlight from their conversation.

Work Team Breakout Groups

  • Purpose: Encourage communication between work team co-leads and allow co-leads to seek input and guidance from one another.
  • Activity: The Committee was broken into five breakout groups, one for each lever for change, with one co-lead representing the work team. The following protocol was used:
    • The co-lead was first given 10 minutes to summarize their lever for change to their breakout group, including the key questions their work team is addressing and what the emerging recommendations and strategies are coming out of their work team
    • The breakout groups were then given 30 minutes to discuss the following questions:
      • What questions do you have?
      • What resonated as great ideas?
      • Do you have any concerns?
      • Do you have any additional thoughts to add? 

The full Committee then reconvened and each co-lead was asked to report out key highlights from their group's discussion. Following each co-lead's comments, the Steering Committee was given several minutes to provide feedback or ask questions of the presenting group.

Closing and Next Steps

  • Purpose: Allow Committee members to reflect on their takeaways from the meeting.
  • Activity: Each Committee member was asked to share one step they will take based on the feedback/ideas they heard during the meeting. Committee members were then reminded of the next meeting date and the meeting was closed.