Creating a Seamless Story

Once all of the work team recommendations had been submitted and reviewed by the Steering Committee and all of the stakeholder engagement activities had been completed, our next task was to meet with the Senior Management Team to pull together all of the recommendations in a seamless story. We worked hard together to unify disparate formats and reconcile gaps and overlaps, but merging six plans into a single, coherent document turned out to be more work than we had anticipated. To this end, we held a series of meetings with the Senior Management Team in April. Descriptions of these meetings follow.

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key takeaways

  • End game
    At the beginning of the Action Planning meetings, define the "end game" that the process is driving toward, and emphasize that the messiness and ambiguity of the process is normal in change management efforts.
  • Stay flexible
    Create a structured facilitation process going in, but be prepared to adapt as needed. We re-calibrated our plan after it became evident in the first couple of meetings that more time for deeper conversation was necessary.