Teacher Focus Groups & Survey

During the course of its series of work team meetings, the Teacher Leadership & Empowerment Work Team determined that it was of utmost importance to bring teachers into the conversation during the strategic planning process rather than waiting until the end.  

The success of the plan required teachers to be fully on-board with the recommendations, and the work team knew that the recommendations would be more meaningful and effective with input from teachers integrated into them.

To this end, the work team members decided that they would hold meetings at each school to update teachers and staff on the strategic planning process, share the draft recommendations proposed by the work team, and obtain feedback to better understand what course corrections might be needed. They also decided to put together a survey for teachers to fill out about their impressions of working in the school district, professional development, and the future direction of the district.

In these sessions, the work team member provided a brief, high-level overview of the strategic planning process and shared the Teacher Leadership & Empowerment Work Team's draft recommendations. Teachers and staff were given the link to the survey and encouraged to fill it out. 

In total, 338 teachers completed the survey. This served as a valuable input to the Teacher Leadership & Empowerment Work Team as they finalized their recommendations.