Prioritization Tool

With 51 strategies and 150+ action steps in the strategic plan, it was clear that some decisions needed to be made about which strategies and action steps to address first during implementation.

This prioritization tool (.xls) was designed to help the Senior Management Team think through prioritization. For each action step, the tool asks the following questions:

  1. Cost: How feasible is this action step from a cost perspective? Do current resources exist? How difficult would it be to reallocate current resources? What is the likelihood of generating new resources to support this action step?
  2. Capability: How capable are we of accomplishing this action step with our current staff, skills, facilities, and any other limiting factors?
  3. District & Public Will: To what extent will there be support among teachers, parents, families, and community members for this action step?
  4. Potential for Impact: To what extent will this action step promote learning for all students and advance the district toward fulfilling its vision?
  5. Equity: To what extent will this action step promote equity -- with regard to race, ethnicity, language, ability, socioeconomics -- in the district?

The scores generated through this tool are not scientific. Rather, this tool is meant to serve the purpose of starting a conversation about prioritization and illuminating which strategies will require additional time and resource to bring to fruition. There are always trade-offs to be made and this tool is meant to help identify them.