Our third and final meeting with the School Committee was the presentation of the strategic plan in May 2017.  We created the PowerPoint presentation on behalf of the Superintendent as part of our commitment to facilitative leadership, recognizing that such a task required capacity beyond what was available internally to the Superintendent and her Senior Management Team. While the nature of this presentation is likely to change depending on the needs and wishes of a particular School Committee, we kept the slides at a relatively high-level. The outline of the presentation was as follows:

  1. Context & the Strategic Planning Process
    • Our Challenge & Our Opportunity
    • Overview of the Strategic Planning Process
    • Levers for Change
    • Governance and Structure of the Strategic Planning Process
  2. Vision, Mission, Values & the Skills & Qualities of an SPS Graduate
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
    • Top Six 21st Century Skills & Qualities of an SPS Graduate
  3. Theory of Action & the Four Pillars of the Plan
    • Theory of Action
    • The Four Pillars
    • Implementation
  4. Questions?